Association of Professional Language Interpreters

About APLI

APLI (Association of Professional Language Interpreters) is an organization for all qualified and trained interpreters in Canada, dedicated to the improvement of the profession for community interpreters, service users and service providers, creating a shared enviroment, to support and minimize work related issues.
In the future we see a horizon where the profession becomes well regulated through the activities of this association and the result would benefit the interpreters and the ultimate clients. We strive to protect the interests of professionalism of interpretation in Canada.
Canada is a multicultural country and the demand for interpreters has increased immensely within the past two or three decades. Interpretation has grown to be a high demand profession which plays a prominent role in our society.
During the past and even to an extent in the present there has been incidents of misconduct and misinterpretations suggesting that service users of this profession should be aware of possible risks and liabilities if an untrained or unqualified interpreter is contracted.
Therefore it has become necessary for interpreters to be professionally trained and to join an association and carry a unified voice.
APLI intends to be an association for all professional community interpreters and would welcome members who meet the necessary requirements.
We hope that this association can take advantage of input from all members, so that every interpreter according to their area of expertise and interest can contribute to the advancement and betterment of our profession.