What is the cost of an annual membership?

Once you have fulfilled the requirements to become a member,the annual membership fee for the first year is $30.00 and the renewal fee is $20.00 per year. Please mail a cheque , payable to APLI to:

PO Box 31338, Bayview 16th Ave. PO
RichmondHill, ON
L4C 0V7

together with a copy of all your accreditation.

Why should I join APLI?

APLI is the only association composed solely of interpreters, with the best interests of interpreters as a goal. We understand most interpreters work as freelancers, and one great way to maximize working opportunities is to have your name on our member roster. We also offer workshops at an absolute minimum cost so that everyone can participate in professional development opportunities.

How do I become a member?

Please follow this link to our membership requirements

What if I do not have the requirements to join?

If you have not received training, you can get started by contacting the institutions which offer the Language Interpreter Training Program.You can find them here. If you have already taken the training, but need to pass the ILSAT or CILISAT, follow these links to book the assessment:
http://www.cisoc.net/en/cilisat/testingcentres http://www.ilsat.ca/registration--location.html

Where do interpreters work?

Court interpreters work under the Ministry of the Attorney General at the various courthouses or wherever a court interpreter is needed. This is also true for Immigration and Refugee Board interpreters.Community interpreters work when there is a language barrier wherever a service needs to be provided. Usually, community interpreters work on a freelance basis, contracted by interpreting agencies.